Individual Eyelash Extensions

Individual Eyelash Extensions


Before we start, we provide a full consultation so that we can offer you a look tailored to suit your unique face, accentuating your natural features & individual style. This way we can understand the look you want to achieve.

The procedure:


  • Your Lash Stylist will assess your natural lashes and ask you questions about your lifestyle and/or preferred lash look
  • Your eye area and lashes will be gently cleansed and primed to remove any traces of make-up and oil
  • Your bottom lashes will be separated from the top using a specially designed tape
  • Your Lash Stylist will gently, meticulously & precisely apply eyelash extensions onto every one of your lashes
  • If you naturally have sparse lashes and if your natural lashes can support it we will sometimes apply 2 lashes onto one of yours to give you a fuller 2D effect
  • After 60 minutes you will have a wonderful set of new lashes
  • Caring for you lashes is easy…just follow our simple aftercare with the use of lash aftercare products and the tips are on the care card we provide to you and the ‘do’s and don’ts ‘ page
  • The application of Eyelash Extensions is painless and very relaxing – most of our guests actually drift off to sleep during the treatment

Synthetic, Silk and Mink Individual Lashes

Curls available:  B, J, C, D Curls.

Lengths available: from size 6 to 16.

Silk and Mink Individual Lashes have a much lighter, more natural feel than our basic synthetic lash sets.

Different STYLES and LOOKS can be achieved from using different sizes and curls. Everyone is different so there isn’t one style that suits everyone. We will create a style that best suits your face and eyes.

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