Lash Volume Lift

Lash Volume Lift – £95

Lash volume Lift is a new lash treatment that defines and curls your natural lashes in one painless and relaxing treatment. The innovative technique gently lifts and straightens your lashes from the roots giving you a more thicker and voluminous lift for your natural lashes. The lashes literally sit upwards towards the brow line to elevate and give freshness to the face.
Forget messy perming rods or clunky eyelash curlers. Lash Lift uses silicon shields that are far more comfortable for you and your lashes. We offer a range of silicon sizes to accommodate different lash lengths and together with a consultation we can figure out what look you are after. Whether it is a total volume lift or a natural lift that you are after.
While eyelash extensions are a great solution for many, there are many people who prefer a natural alternative which will still provide a glamorous lash look. This is what Lash Lift can do for you.

You can put aside your eyelash curlers which damage and pull out your natural lashes
The treatment consists of five stages. Allow 45-60 minutes.
1. Consultation
2. Lifting solution
3. Setting
4. Lash colour BOOST tint
5. Lash conditioner
Expect results to last 6-8 weeks depending on your natural lash cycle.


Lash Volume Lift - Before & After

Lash Volume Lift – Before & After

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