Price List


Price List

Silk or Mink Lashes £130

(Over 130 Lashes per eye, 60 minutes application time, Silk and Mink sets allow a finer lash, this results in a fuller and longer lasting set. £10 extra for removal of a set that isn’t mine)

2D Russian Lashes in Mink or Silk £160

(Over 180 Lashes per eye, Up to 1.5 hours application time)

3D-4D Russian Lashes in Mink or Silk £200

(Over 250 Lashes per eye, Up to 2 hours application time)

5D-6D Russian Lashes in Mink or Silk £300

(Over 350 Lashes per eye, Up to 3 hours application time)

In-Fills for Silk or Mink £70-£80

(Up to 60 minutes application time. Prices are dependent on how often you come and the time taken. We will go through the set and individually remove the lashes that have grown out or have strayed in the wrong direction, replacing with new ones. You leave with practically a new set)

In-Fills for 2D Russian £80-£90

In-Fills for 3D-6D Russian £110

(For every 60 minutes application time)

Removals £20

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